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Point Break Families, 


Our greatest hope during these challenging times is that everyone is staying healthy, maintaining a positive attitude, and enjoying life as best you can.  Club Directors and coaches are working daily to ensure all of us will be in the best possible position when we are able to regroup and return to the gym to play some much missed Volleyball. 


Current Plan:

While we wait for social and business restrictions to be lifted, Point Break will launch online classes via Zoom to keep our student-athletes active both physically and mentally, reduce stress levels, and promote healthy socialization with teammates. We are adopting this online model like many other volleyball clubs around the country.  Coach Garcia has been leading some test workouts with one of our Local teams via zoom and the players who attended had a blast!  It’s a great way to reconnect with teammates and coaches while getting much needed exercise.


These classes will include player development, position specific education, player instructions and workouts.  Online classes are compensation for the curtailed practices from the end of March. We are offering nineteen hours of online classes to provide variety and for scheduling flexibility. The total amount of instruction offered is double the time we missed in March.  You do not need to pay extra for these classes, they are yours for the taking.

Free for current players and family.

External Clients: Donations are welcome via Venmo (pay here)

  • $3 for Students - Single Class

  • $5 for Adults - Single Class

Online Classes via Zoom: 

     - 3 Weeks/19 Hours      

     - Dates: April 13-May 1st 

     - Fulfillment of March Hours

     - Classes Calendar Here

     - Clases Registration Form Zoom Online Classes

     - Classes won't interfere with School Learning Distance Hours 


Other Announcements: 


You will help our club finances by accepting the online classes offer. We understand that this situation has affected most families’ income and our club is no exception. 


We have, and continue to work on all of the aspects of the “Act for small businesses”. If we are able to get assistance via this government program it would be huge for our staff and we may be able to offer additional online classes in the coming weeks at no additional cost. 


For families who have paid for the full season. We will grant club credit towards future activities including summer camps, clinics, private lessons and/or next season’s dues.  We are very grateful to have amazing people, YOU, in our club and we appreciate your unwavering support. We will continue to evaluate this situation as we move forward and communicate with you as we evolve. 


Travel Teams: we haven't yet heard from the SCVA regarding the disposition of the Summer Soiree in Las Vegas. Once we have any details we will contact travel families in a separate email. 


We are confident that we will overcome this pandemic and all of the challenges it presents, with the love of God, following the Governors "Stay-At-Home Policy", potential assistance from the CARES Act, our country's dedicated medical professionals, and the positive support you have always provided to your club-mates, and coaches. 


We appreciate all of you and extend our best wishes to all of you!


 Zoom Online Classes


 Calendar PBVBC 2019-20

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