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     As a business, a club, and a family we have been blessed these past many months to share our passion for volleyball with your sons and daughters.  The changing policy surrounding COVID-19 has been a challenge in adaptation for us all.  We have been watching not only the government and social effects of this pandemic, but the organized athletics landscape as well.  Many organizations remain in total shutdown while others are already back in swing and planning for a full return to competition in the coming months.  Out of an abundance of caution and caring for our athletes POINTBREAK Volleyball Club has decided to keep our teams local and avoid travel and external competition during the 2020-21 calendar.  We are planning to make volleyball available this Spring/Summer and we will offer a variety of options available for all age groups and all skill levels. We are hoping to participate in tournaments during the Spring/Summer Programs. We hope you are as excited as we are to get back on the court and get some much needed physical activity.


In light of the recent COVID restrictions, CIF has further postponed the upcoming high school Spring sports season. CIF has not yet made a definitive announcement regarding an anticipated date of return. Some schools are running outdoor conditioning programs while others have cancelled their Fall seasons completely. In light of this, Point Break Volleyball Club is offering a Month to Month Spring Program that will go on as long as we have access to gym facilities.

The Month to Month Spring Program is separate from the Sunday Only Winter Program currently registering players. The Sunday Only Winter Program is secure and will not change regardless of CIF announcements and school district decisions. The Month to Month program is dependent on gym availability throughout the week. Basically, as long as schools aren’t playing we will likely have additional access to gym facilities to provide athletes an opportunity to develop their skills.


We hope to see you soon!


2021 Summer Volleyball Programs

We will be fielding Travel Teams this Club Volleyball Season

Tryouts will be in late July, stay tuned!


PointBreak VBC

Welcome to the newest San Diego Volleyball Club in the South County area.

We are not new to the game but recently launched our San Diego Volleyball Club in the Fall of 2018 noticing the strong demand for Girls Volleyball and Boys Volleyball programs in the Chula Vista, Eastlake and Otay Ranch areas of the South San Diego County. 

PointBreak Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization and was formed by dedicated coaches to provide young male & female student athletes of the South County the opportunity to excel in the sport of Volleyball.

Our Point Break VBC coaches are the most accomplished coaches in the Sweetwater School District. So good in fact our best coaches High School teams now play in Open Division against the top 20 teams in San Diego County.

Our San Diego Volleyball Club caters to families in the South Bay area, including Chula Vista, Otay Ranch, Eastlake, National City and Spring Valley.

Point Break VBC offers competitive Travel Club Volleyball for boys and girls along with local Middle School Volleyball for boys and girls and High School volleyball for boys and girls.

Our goal is to teach dedication, discipline and responsibility to our student athletes by creating an environment for achievement through competition. Our club prides itself on offering scholarships, affordable rates and high-quality, local practice areas to accommodate our South Bay Families.

Point Break Volleyball Club provides young student athletes a progressive method of physical training to enhance their Volleyball skills. Our players attend weekly practices, furthering their game knowledge, performance and endurance while providing the opportunity to attend specialty Volleyball Training ClinicsVolleyball Camps  or even Private Coaching sessions as well.


Our mission is to provide our boys and girls with the highest level of coaching so they can establish the volleyball skills they need to become well-seasoned volleyball players as well as prepare them for the next level whether it be Middle School Volleyball, High School Volleyball, Club Volleyball or college.


Point Break Volleyball Club is committed to ensuring that our players grow mentally and physically to be the best that they can possibly be both in life and on the court.


we are a California registered

non-profit organization

Sponsor a Student Athlete for one of our

[Spring / Summer Volleyball Programs]

This form is collecting email addresses. Due to COVID-19 some of our families were impacted and are experiencing financial needs. Your donation will sponsor our student-athletes to continue their enjoyment on the court playing indoor volleyball. We will email you the name of the student-athlete/s that will benefit from your generous donation. Your donation is tax deductible! Thank you so much!


What is a Point Break?

When the wave conditions are perfect a point break can create a very long wave to ride as the wave wraps around a point and then runs along the coastline of a bay or cove. Surfers would consider a point break the perfect wave as the actual time riding the wave will be much longer than your average beach break. Point breaks can be very reliable under the right conditions, as the headland or point that contributes to the waves is fixed – making the wave break in the same place repeatedly, creating the ride of your life!



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